Why you should choose us

People learning languages all have different goals and dreams. Some want to become fluent or pass tests.
Some want to be able to speak in under-pressure business situations. Others still, want to have fun, and maybe make new friends. Along with the goals, everyone's final destination, and everyone's level of fluency is different. Indeed, there as many patterns as there are people.

We, at Parakaro, would like to offer everyone a perfect fit solution, in which we utilize our experience and know-how from several decades of cooperate and school education, to create a roadmap and curriculum that increases communication and applied ability, but does not force you to go higher than you want. Based on an individual education roadmap, we will guide you to your goal, efficiently, cheaply, and with the maximum amount of performance for effort. Why don't you try our course? The initial interview is free! So why not see how we can help you to reach your goal?